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Ethics, Democracy, and Markets

Nordic Perspectives on World Problems

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About the book

The present book comprises thirteen chapters written by Nordic scholars in the human and social sciences, and developed out of conference papers presented at regular winter and summer symposia held by two research groups emanating from the Nordic Summer University. Born within and informed by this specific milieu, the chapters address significant sociopolitical implications for contemporary societies emerging from the ethical reflections of leading 20th century thinkers (e.g. Michel Foucault and Jürgen Habermas), important procedural as well as substantive aspects of democracy, and pivotal ethico-political issues arising from the abstract logic and concrete manifestations of market economies. Though by no means devoid of their own economic, cultural and political problems, the Nordic countries are still paramount examples of humane prosperity, democratic civility, environmentally sound policy, and peaceful resolution of social and industrial conflicts. Year after year, if not decade after decade, they keep topping the international charts for socio-economic indicators about sostainable development, healthcare quality and accessibility, educational levels, crime control, preceived happiness and much else. As such, the scholarly and scientific reflections orginating within the Nordic Summer University might prove to be useful sources of insight for policy-makers, intellectuals and interested persons outside the Nordic context, and not solely inside it.

Table of contents

Part I. Ethics

Measuring Identity. Critique and the Notions of Truth and Violence in Judith Butler's Gender Trouble

Ethics, Politics and Exclusion in Michel Foucault's Late Thought

Societal Ethics in Merleau-Ponty. Three Attempts to Form an Ethics upon the Phenomenology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty

On the Concept of Ethical Imagination

Part II. Democracy

Welfare and Meaning in Life

The Missing Link in the Philosophy of Enlightenment. Reasonability, Will and Separation of Powers in the Philosophy of Justice of Henri-Francois d'Aguesseau, Chancellor of France

United in Diversity? Humanism, Homogeneity and Hegemony

Deliberative Leadership in Organisations of Modern Democratic Society

Democracy and Distrust

Cosmopolitan Democracy and the State. The Need for Ideals

Part III

The Unscientific Ground of Free-Market Liberalism

Freedom's Left? Market's Right Morality's Wrong?

Ethics, Economics and Globalisation: Cosmopolitanism and the Financial Crisis

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