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Evolution and Creation

A European Perspective

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215 pages
ISBN 87 7288 114 3

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About the book

What should be the relation between religious ideas concerning "creation" and biological perspectives on "evolution"? Can we learn anything about the relation: from history of their interaction? - from recent developments in the understanding of biological evolution? - from philosophical analysis of the presuppositions of the disciplines of bilogy and the theology? - from reviewing the response to Darwin's ideas in different churches? - by rethinking the theology of creation?

These are some of the questions addressed in this volume which presents a unique collection of the reflections on these questions of European thinkers from the disciplines of history, biology, philosophy and theology. This wider prespective affords new insights into the nature of the dialogue and how best to develop it into a creative consonance between biology and theology, rather than the more negative relationship which dominates the so-called "creationist" debate. This volume marks an important transition in the international discussion of this vital question.

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