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Exploring Text, Media, and Memory

A part of the series Acta Jutlandica (Humanistisk serie. 2017:1) og the subject area


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570 pages
ISBN 978 87 7184 387 3

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About the book

Exploring Text, Media, and Memory investigates the link between memory and media by asking a series of questions pertinent to our time: How do individual and collective memories blend? How do traumatic experiences from past events and catastrophic projections of the future reveal the human condition in the epoch of frenetic technological reproduction of works of art? How is the human body tied to narrations – and why? 

A group of international scholars tackle questions like these across art forms, media, and cultural history. In nineteen essays they argue that modern and contemporary literary texts and visual arts show how photography, film, tape recording, television, and internet are not just means of storing memory and information, but objects that we interact with every day – challenging static visions of places and the linear notions of past, present and future.

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