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Faces of Truth

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119 pages
ISBN 87 7288 869 5



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About the book

For 2000 years, the study of law has assumed that our biological nature is a mere accessary of reason. Stig Jørgensen turns this scientific rationalism on its head. By using biology as his starting point, he portrays reason as a tool of our genes, alongside other survival tools such as our senses and drives.

His perspective makes other recent developments in the philosophy of law seem less strange, particularly in the fields of instrumental language philosophy and teleological concept theory. Such hermeneutic approaches have become indispensable to both interpretation theory and the study of law. Those interested in jurisprudence and the philosophy of law will find much to ponder in this thoughtful and lucid book.

Table of contents



Modernism and Post-modernism

Language and Reality

Faces of Truth

Pluralism and Relationism

Pluralist and Relationist Legal Science

Tools and Methods in the Science of Law

Gadamer's Universal Hermeneutics

On Concepts in Law

The Theory of Dogmatics

Dogmatics and Empiricism

Contract and Delict


Law as a Standardising System



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