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Grundtvig in International Perspective

Studies in the Creativity of Interaction

A part of the series Skrifter udgivet af Grundtvig Selskabet (33) , and the subject areas and

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About the book

Grundtvig's viewpoint on human nature and human society, on the relationship between national and international community, on the inner dynamic which sustains and drives forward the Christian tradition, remains remarkably little known outside his own country.

In recent years, however, this situation has begun to change. Grundtvig's thought is being more widely studied and discussed in an international perspective. This fascinating and very varied collection of essays, mostly European and North American, suggests that in N.F.S. Grundtvig we have a 19th-century thinker with unexpected relevance to the dilemmas of the new century.

Table of contents

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A.M. Allchin, Introduction

Philip Hefner, Theology and Creation: Joseph Sittler and N.F.S. Grundtvig

Michael Root, Generous Orthodoxy: Regin Prenter's Appropriation of Grundtvig

Axel C. Kildegaard, Danish Grundtvigians in the United States: Challenges Past and Present

R. William Franklin, Grundtvig Within the Ecclesiological Revival of 19th-Century Europe

Vítor Westhelle, "The Noble Tribe of Truth" Etchings on Myth, Language, and Truth Speaking

Jakob Balling, Old Europe and its Aftermath: Poetry, Doctrine, and Western Culture

Christian Thodberg, Grundtvig's View of the Bible

A.M. Allchin, The Holy Spirit in the Teaching of N.F.S. Grundtvig

S.A.J. Bradley, "A Truly Proud Ruin": Grundtvig and the Anglo-Saxon Legacy

Gustav Björkstrand, Grundtvig's "Education for Life" and the Cultural Challenge Facing the Baltic and Nordic Countries Today

Asoke Bhattacharya, Adult Education in India: Relevance of Grundtvig

K.E. Bugge, Some International Varieties of Grundtvig Inspiration

Holger Bernt Hansen, Education for Life or for Livelihood? Grundtvig and the Third World Revisited

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