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Instead of the ideal debate

Doing politics and doing gender in Nordic political campaign discourse

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About the book

Scandinavia is often regarded as a laboratory for gender equality, and in no other region of the world have women been politically prominent for so long. It therefore offers a unique context for analysing women's and men's political discourse.

This volume examines the ways in which Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish politicians present themselves and their messages in televised election debates.

An ideal debate would provide political actors with an equal opportunity to air their positions. However, this rudimentary standard of fairness is rarely satisfied in practice. Rather than granting all participants equality, debates often become events in which prior inequalities, such as gender, age, class and status, are re-enacted.

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1. Introduction, Kirsten Gomard and Anne Krogstad

2. Argumentative and symbolic discourse in Nordic electoral debate, Niclas Håkansson

3. Negotiating competence and gender: an analysis of televised political debates in Denmark, Kirsten Gomard

4. Projecting unity: strategic uses of we in televised debates, Mats Nylund

5. "Trust me!" - On the nature of ethos argumentation, Monika Bauhr and Peter Esaiasson

6. Image and issue in televised debates, Anne Krogstad

7. A debate on the debates, Anne Krogstad and Kirsten Gomard




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