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Learning Activity and Development

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About the book

The idea that children's learning is influenced by economic, political, ecological, cultural and other influences is being focused upon by educators world-wide. Cultural-historical theory, which has developed into learning activity theory, is not a new idea, but has its roots in the work of Lev S. Vygotsky in Russia more than 50 years ago.

The editors of this volume point out that there is a huge amount of scientific knowledge from different disciplines that could be a basis for the necessary changes in teaching and learning both in and out of school, on different educational levels and under different institutional conditions. This book puts together the best and latest of this knowledge.

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1 Introduction, Joachim Lompscher & Mariane Hedegaard

Societal Forms of Thinking and Knowledge:

2 The Influence of Societal Knowledge Traditions on Children’s Thinking and Conceptual Development, Mariane Hedegaard
3 Speech Genres and Rhetoric. The Development of Ways of Argumentation in a Program of Adult Literacy, Juan Daniel Ramírez-Garrido, Maria J. Cala-Carrillo, & José A. Sánchez-Medina
4 Activity Theory as Methodology - The Epistemological Revolution of the Computer and the Problem of its Societal Appropriation, Bernd Fichtner
5 The Crisis of Knowledge, Georg Rückriem

Teaching/Learning Activity in Theory and Practice:

6 What is Real Learning Activity?, Vasily Vasilivich Davydov
7 Learning Activity and its Formation: Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete, Joachim Lompscher
8 Psychological Mechanisms of Generalization, Nina F. Talyzina
Social Interaction and Development of Motivation: 9 Developmental Teaching in Upper-Secondary School, Seth Chaiklin
10 From Piaget and Vygotsky to Learning Activities: A Long Journey and an Inescapable Issue, Felice Carugati
11 Diagnosing Learning Initiative, Galina A. Zuckerman
12 Development of Evaluation at the Initial Stage of Learning Activities, Yuri A. Poluyanov & Tatyana A. Matiss

Play and Spontaneous Learning:

13 Teaching Opportunities in Play, Bert van Oers
14 Preconditions for Developmental Learning Activity at Pre-School Age, Elena E. Kravtsova
15 The Education of Pre-School Children, Gennady Kravtsov & Elena L. Berezhzhkovskaya


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