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New Tools in Welfare Research

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359 pages
ISBN 978 87 87564 97 7

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Paradigms, theories and methods in research on men's violence in intimate relationships

Narratives from children in vulnerable situations

The child as a linking interested party in the negotiating modern family

Focus groups with creative elements, PI-interviews

Using the vignette method in comparative welfare research

How is methodological emancipation possible? Rethinking the potentials of multivariate methods for intersectional analyses

Interactive research - A practical example and a crtical assessment

Service provision in the welfare state - Care-taking, interaction and construction of meaning

Everyday lives of older people with a dementia - Studies of interaction in elder care

Policy language in the care for the aged in Japan and Sweden - Does it reflect or steer ideology?

The use of political terms and the modernisation of the welfare state

The Welfare State's 'Stepchildren'. An intersectonal perspective on ethnic relations and discrimination in Sweden

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