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Paul Ricoeur

In the Conflict of Interpretations

A part of the series Socialanalytik , and the subject area

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170 pages
ISBN 87 7288 532 7

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Table of contents

Jean Greisch: Eine phänomenologische Hermeneutik des Versprechens

Peter Kemp: Ricoeur between Heidegger and Lévinas. Original Affirmation between Ontological Attestation and Ethical Injunction

Palle Skulason: Will and Interpretation. A Reflection on Ricoeur's Way of Doing Philosophy

Ivan Almeida: Ricoeur et la Sémiotique

Jacob Rendtorff: Critical Hermeneutics in Law and Politics

Carsten Pallesen: The Fault. Paul Ricoeur's Idea of a Broken Ontology

Orla Vigsø: The Amorous Battle: The Pragmatics of Paul Ricoeur


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