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Perplexities of Identification

Anthropological Studies in Cultural Differentiation and the Use of Resources

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About the book

The thrust of this collection of papers from experts in various fields is two-sided, cutting against both the post-modern view of identity as merely a shifting assemblage of images and categories marketed through the media and the view of identity as something fixed and rooted in primordial authenticity. It offers a broad range of ethnographic cases, from the persistence of corporate identity among the nobles of Poland to the rhetorics of indigeneity in Ladakh, and the role of violence in identity formation in Palestine.

"This book Perplexities of identification makes and important contribution to the growing literature on self and identity practices, articulation well with other recent treatments ... What makes this book distinctive ... is its focus on the dynamic between identity practices and access to specific symbolic and material resources."
Maureen Fuary in The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Protean Perplexities: An Introduction, Ton Otto and Henk Driessen

Chapter 2: Relatives and Rivals: The Narcissism of Minor Differences, Anton Blok

Chapter 3: The Two Deaths of Basem Rishmawi: Identity Constructions and Reconstructions in a Muslim-Christian Palestinian Community, Glenn Bowman

Chapter 4: A Case of Identities: Multiple Personality Disorder, Poul Pedersen

Chapter 5: Ritual and Conflicting Identifications: The Case of a Female Bricoleur, Louise Thoonen

Chapter 6: Indigenous Struggles and the Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Jonathan Friedman

Chapter 7: Dissimulations: Representing Ladakhi Identity, Martijn van Beek

Chapter 8: 'We Are Still One But Still Different': Communality and Diversity in Aboriginal Australia, Ad Borsboom and Janneke Hulsker

Chapter 9: Cultural Resources of Elite Identity: The Vicissitudes of the Polish Gentry, Longina Jakubowska

Chapter 10: Thinking Together What Falls Apart: Some Reflections on the Concept of Identity, Hans Siebers

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