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Although the Northern European Iron Age lasted two millennia, the "golden age" in the study of its smelting sites is about to end after less than 40 years. Professional excavations did not really begin until the 1960's, and, with most unexplored sites situated in topsoil, the increasingly deep ploughs of modern agriculture destroy more of this heritage every year.

At this critical juncture, the papers gathered here offer a generous glimpse into the state of iron smelting research in both Eastern and Western Europe. They include case studies of iron production sites in archaeological contexts (including social and agricultural frameworks), comparative regional studies, metallographic investigations and techniques for geophysical prospecting and archaeomagnetic dating.

This volume will appeal to those with strong interests in the Iron Age, European archaeology or the history of metallurgy.

Table of contents

1. Editor's Foreword and STATUTS de l'Union Internationale des Sciences préhistoriques et protohistoriques, By Lars Nørbach
2. Radomir Pleiner CV, By Vera Souchopova
3. Opening Lecture, By Henrik Thrane

I. Iron Production and Settlement:
4. Farmers, Smelters and Smiths, By Henriette Lyngstrøm
5. Relations Between Settlement Pattern, Social Structure and Medieval Iron Production, By Lars Erik Narmo
6. Early Iron Production in the Red Earth Area, South Central Sweden, By Lena Grandin & Eva Hjärthner-Holdar
7. The Germanic Iron-Smelting Complex at Wolkenberg in Lower Lausacia, Southern Brandenburg, By Ines Spazier
8. Slag - With an Impression of Agricultural Practices, By Peter Hambro Mikkelsen
9. The Late Roman Ironworking Site at Ponte di Val Gabbia III, Bienno (Brescia, Italy), By Constanza Cucini Tizzoni & Marco Tizzoni
10. Medieval Ironworking on Mount Amiata (Siena, Italy), By Maria Elena Cortese

II. Regional Studies:
11. Between the Mountains and the Sea, By Frank Nikulka
12. A Short History of Danish Iron Research, By Lars Christian Nørbach
13. Past to Present, By Irene Schrüfer-Kolb
14. Recent Results from Investigations of Iron Production in Northern Europe, By Lars F. Stenvik
15. The Introduction of Iron in Sweden and Greece, By Eva Hjärthner-Holdar & Christina Risberg
16. Ironmaking Techniques During the Roman Period in Lithuania, By Jonas Navasaitis, Aušra Sveikauskaite, Algirdas Selskis & Eimutis Matulionis

III. Metallographic Investigations: Artefact and Site:
17. Notes on the Ferrous Technology of the Hispano-Islamic City of Vascos (Toledo), By Mattias Karlsson Dinnetz
18. Technical and Archaeological Investigation of an Early Iron Sword from Sweden, By Mattias Karlsson Dinnetz
19. On Forging Technologies of Estonian Iron Age and Medieval Axes, By Jüri Peets
20. What Role do Electron Transfer and Silicate Melt Polymerisation Play in the Iron-Making Process?, By Alain Ploquin, Michel Arnold & Cécile Mahe-le-Carlier
21. The Smithy Workshop of the Medieval Site of Leopoli-Cencelle (Viterbo, Italy), By Vasco La Salvia & L'ubomír Mihok
22. Metallographic Examination of Two Iron Age Hooked Blocks from England, By Vanessa Fell
23. Iron Production and Artifact-Making at Cosne-sur-Loire (Nièvre, France) in the Early Medieval Period, By Alain Bouthier
24. Synthèse des Études Métallographiques d’Échantillons de la forge de Ponte di val Gabbia III (Bienno V-VI century AD), Par Philippe Fluzin
25. The Scythian Iron Dagger, Spearhead and Other Iron Objects from the Great Scythian Kurhan at Rizhanovka, Ukraine, By Elzbieta Maria Nosek

IV. Metallographic Investigations: Regional Studies:
26. Schlacken verschiedener Stufen der Eisentechnologie, Von Ingo Keesmann & Andreas Kronz
27. Metallurgy of Iron at the Beginning of the 1st Millenium AD in Slovakia, By L'ubomír Mihok & Alena Pribulová
28. Bloomery Iron, Osmund Iron, Fined Iron and Puddled Iron, By Vagn Fabritius Buchwald
29. Altena in Westphalia, By Hans Ludvig Knau, Thomas Beier & Manfred Sönneken
30. European Iron Blooms, By Radomír Pleiner
31. The Role of Phosphorus in Early Ironworking, By E.G. Godfrey, A. Vizcaino & J.G. McDonnell
32. The Four Phases* Carbon - Gas - Slag - Metal and their Interaction in Bloomery Ironmaking, By Arne Espelund

V. Geophysic Prospecting and Archaeomagnetic Dating:
33. Archaeomagnetic Mapping, Modelling, Analysis and Dating of Iron Age Slags in Denmark, By Niels Abrahamsen, Bo Holm Jacobsen, Uwe Koppelt, Philip de Lasson, Tatyana Smekalova, Sidsel Grundvig & Olfert Voss
34. High Resolution Magnetic Surveys of Prehistoric and Medieval Iron-Smelting Furnaces in North-West Wales, By Peter Crew & Tatyana Smekalova
35. Field Procedures for Magnetic Investigations of Iron-Smelting Sites with Slag Pits, By Tatyana Smekalova & Olfert Voss


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