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Rationality and the Study of Religion

A part of the series Acta Jutlandica (72:1; Teologisk Serie, 19) , and the subject area

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200 pages
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About the book

In Rationality and the Study of Religion, the first book to grapple with the question of rationality within the academic study of religion, the authors respond to epistemological excesses in this field.

The articles of this book advocate an approach to religious studies from the detached background inherent in other academic disciplines and present examples from anthropology, philosophy, theology, methodology, social science, metaphysics, the humanities, and history, with a concluding essay on the impact of the anti-science phenomenon. Thus, Rationality and the Study of Religion situates the study of religion in an intellectual context beyond both positivism and post-modernism.

Table of contents

Rationality and the Study of Religion: Introduction, Jeppe Sinding Jensen

Anti Anti-Rationalism: Anthropology and the Rationality of Human Acts, Michal Buchowski

Lévy-Bruhl, Participation, and Rationality, Benson Saler

East Asian Rationality in the Exploration of Religion, Michael Pye

Religious Models and Problem Solving: A Cognitive Perspective on the Roles of Rationality in Comparative Religion, Matti Kamppinen

Rationality, Social Science and Religion; Roger Trigg

Social Facts, Metaphysics and Rationality in the Human Sciences, Jeppe Sinding Jensen

Rationality and Evidence: the Study of Religion as a Taxonomy of Human Natural History, Gary Lease

Rationalism and Relativity in History of Religions Research, Luther H. Martin

Rationality in Studying Historical Religions, Hans G. Kippenberg

Dissolving Rationality: The Anti-Science Phenomenon and Its Implications for the Study of Religion, Donald Wiebe

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"It will function well in the context of a graduate seminar or a course on methodologies and basic issues in the study of religion. Anyone engaging questions of method and theory and concerned about the role of the scholar of religion in the academy will find it informative." Scott S. Elliot Religious Studies Review

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