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Ribe Excavations 1970-76

Volume 3

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189 pages ill., published by Sydjysk Universitetsforlag
ISBN 87 88521 75 3

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About the book

Excavations were carried out in the town of Ribe in southern Denmark from 1970-76 in order to find the earliest traces of the town. It extracted remains of a permanent settlement with an associated marketplace founded within a period of 704-710. This reveals an 8th-century trading site of a character never seen before in the Scandinavian region, thus Denmark appears in a hitherto unknown way as a participant in North-European development in this period.

Table of contents


Introduction, Mogens Bencard

Seeds and Other Macrofossils in the 8th Century Deposits, Hans Arne Jensen

Finds of Parasite Eggs in Manure Layers, Peter Nansen

The Archaeozoology, Tove Hatting

The Textiles and Textile Implements, Lise Bender Jørgensen

The Leather Finds, Ingrid Nielsen

The Amber, Knud Botfeldt & Helge Brinch Madsen

The Hones, Siri Myrvoll

The Petrography of the Honestones, Niels Hald

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