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Ribe Excavations 1970-76

Volume 5

A part of the series Ribe Excavations (5) , and the subject area

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ISBN 87 88415 25 2

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About the book

Excavations were carried out in the town of Ribe in southern Denmark from 1970-76 in order to find the earliest traces of the town. It extracted remains of a permanent settlement with an associated marketplace founded within a period of 704-710. This reveals an 8th-century trading site of a character never seen before in the Scandinavian region, thus Denmark appears in a hitherto unknown way as a participant in North-European development in this period.

Table of contents

Introduction, Mogens Bencard

Absolute Dating of a Bronze Casting Workshop, Helge Brinch Madsen

The Runic Inscription on the Ribe Skull Fragment, Marie Stoklund

The Ribe Skull Fragment - Toolmarks and Surface Textures, Erling Benner Larsen

The Human Remains, Pia Bennike

The Bronze, Silver, and Lead Artefacts in the 8th Century Deposits and som Pre-medieval Single Finds, Karen Høilund Nielsen

Glass Bead Making Technology, Torben Sode

Ribe Ironworks, Patrick Ottaway

The Anchor from Sct. Nicolaigade in Ribe, Flemming Rieck

A Note Concerning Three Ancient Anchors from Nydam, Ladby and Ribe, V.F. Buchwald

Smithing Debris, Helge Brinch Madsen

Pottery from the 8th-9th Centuries, Hans Jørgen Madsen

Clay Daub, Lise Bender Jørgensen

Determinations of Wood Finds, Peter Wagner

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