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Teaching Post-colonialism and Post-colonial Literatures

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About the book

Post-colonial studies is one of the youngest, most dynamic, and most fascinating, disciplines within the general field of literature and culture. In this volume, an international body of scholars addresses the multiplicity of issues concerning the presentation to students of post-colonial literature.

The collection focuses upon specific strategies for teaching post-colonial literature within particular political environments. The contributors offer specific course outlines covering the literature of a number of post-colonial regions, as well as articles on teaching post-colonialism.

Table of contents


Anne Collett, Perspectives on Home Ground, Foreign Territory

Anne Collett, An Interview with Anna Rutherford

Kirsten Holst Petersen, Teaching African Literature in Denmark

S.A. Dseagu, The Definition of African Literature Revisited

M.J. Daymond, Teaching Literature under the Rubric of 'Decolonisation' in South Africa

Prem Poddar, 'Buttered scones at 4 p.m. on Sundays': Configuring English in Colonial India

Rajiva Wijesinha, Teaching Post-colonial Literature in Sri Lanka

Alamgir Hashmi, English Studies in Pakistan

A. Norman Jeffares, The How and the Wherefore

Heidi Ganner, The Role of Literature from the English-speaking World in the EFL Classroom: Short Prose Fiction from the New English Literatures

Coral Ann Howells, Teaching Canadian Literature outside Canada

Gary Boire, 'Avowels': Notes on Ambivalence and a Post-colonial Pedagogy

Norman Simms, Strategies for not Teaching Post-colonial Literature: The Better Part of Valor

W.H. New, Poetic Language and the Construction of Post-coloniality: A New Zealand Example

Paul Sharrad, Teaching Pacific Literature

Lars Jensen, Firing the can(n)on: Teaching Post-colonialism in a Pacific Context

Kathryn Trees, The Politics of Post-colonial Reading Practices as they Relate to the Work of Aboriginal Writers

Susan Gingell, Pedagogy and Resistance in the Context of Commonwealth/Post-colonial Literatures

Velma Pollard, From Periphery to Centre - Teaching Caribbean Literature within a Post-colonial/Commonwealth Context

Russell McDougall and Sue Hosking, The Trials, Tribulations and Ironies of Teaching Post-colonialism as 'English I' in an Australian University

Betty Thøgersen, Postscript: A Student's Perspective

The Contributors

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