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Upper Egypt

Life along the Nile

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175 pages ill.
ISBN 87 87334 52 6

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About the book

Upper Egypt - Life along the Nile describes life in the southern part of Egypt in the twentieth century. The book represents some of the most recent social and cultural research in the area, and it focuses on aspects of Egypt that tend to disappear in the background of the attractions that tourists see. The authors have done field research in Upper Egypt.

This is one of the few recent books contributing to our understanding of this neglected region, which is based on first hand knowledge of local conditions. The book contains articles on agriculture and irrigation, language, religious life among Muslims and Christians, Sufism, customary law, crafts and craftsmen, and tribalism.

Table of contents


Introduction to Upper Egypt, R. Saad & N.S. Hopkins

Languages of Upper Egypt, C. Miller

W.S. Blackman and the Anthropological Interpretation of Upper Egypt, N.S. Hopkins

Kinship, Family, and Marriage in an Upper Egyptian Village, K.H. Bach

Conflict Resolution in Upper Egypt, H.C.K. Nielsen

Tribes and Tribalism in Edfu, Upper Egypt, H.C.K. Nielsen

Crafts in Upper Egypt, R. Saad

Some Upper Egyptian Textiles, Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood and Sibba Einarsdóttir

Agriculture, M. H. Abdel Aal

Irrigation, Water Conservation, and Development in Upper Egypt, N.S. Hopkins

Christian Life in Upper Egypt, C. Hulsman

Muslim Life in Upper Egypt, N.S. Hopkins

Sufism, Mark Sedgwick

Saidi Absurdities, Iben Bedsted




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