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Vejleå Church. Ishøj.

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240 pages
ISBN 978 87 7124 168 6

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About the book

The Vejleå Church in Ishøj is now considered a masterpiece of contemporary Danish church art. It has been visited by more than 200,000 guests during the last decade. In collaboration with Wohlert Architects, Peter Brandes designed the church's artworks:  stained glass mosaics, baptismal font, organ, silverware, altar, globe, as well as sculptures and crucifix. The many hundreds of reproductions in the book show the stages from the initial sketches to the finished result. Through this unique documentation, together with the essays of three authors, the book endeavors to identify the church's expression and idea, and define why the "actions" of light and reflections make the church a place of pilgrimage.

The three essays are written by Professor Emeritus of Art History at the University of Edinburgh and art critic forThe Scotsman,Duncan Macmillan; psychotherapist and author and member of the Vejleå Church parish council, Pia Skogemann; and philosopher and visiting researcher at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, Ettore Rocca.

The book is also published in Danish as Lysets handlinger.

Table of contents

Original Sketches



Cain and Abel



Crucifixion and Resurrection


Chruch Silver

Organ and Candle Globe

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