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Democracy in Schools, Citizenschip and Global Concern

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About the book

At the international level we detect some new trends in the relations between state and school. In some areas, a near total decentralisation of schooling is going on with more influence to parents and students. In other areas citizens deal with schisms in schools as ideological institutions. In some areas, economic and material conditions turn attention towards basic qualifications rather than education for democratic citizenship. The transformation of state theory continues and forces a reconsideration of issues about citizen's rights and what is becoming a continuing process of negotiations about duties, possibilities and legislative matters. - The conference was organised as a series of workshops which were concerned with an exploration of these items for a dialogue. The book report that dialogue.

Cecilie Harrits

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MA in literature and art history and a trained teacher with main subjects in Danish and special education. Cecilie’s responsibilities are pedagogy, education and psychology as well as literature and art history. She leads the series Pædagogisk rækkevidde and manages several collaborations between the publishing house and art and culture institutions. Cecilie is committed to sustainable book production and green transition in the publishing industry.

Cecilie Harrits


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