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Det er conversation 801 Degil Mi?

Perspectives on the Bilingualism of Turkish Speaking Children and Adolescents in North Western Europe

A part of the series Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism (The Køge Series K7) , and the subject areas , and

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229 pages
ISBN 87 7701 840 0

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More about the book

About the book

With the publication of this volume we present some of the invaluable help which we have received from distinguished colleagues in our attempt to analyze and understand some of our data collected during ten years of study of the linguistic development of successively bilingual Turkish-Danish grade school students. We gathered a group of interested scholars who have also worked with bilingual speakers of Turkish inNorth-Western Europe for at seminar at the University of Copenhagen in November 1999. The papers in this volume are the result of the discussions during our seminar, and subsequent discussions among the participants.

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