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Environmental Education Research in the Nordic Countries

Proceedings from the Research Centre for Environmental and Health Education No. 33

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About the book

The present report is a show case to get a glimpse of the research in environmental education in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic Countries share a common culture and basic human values. But besides the similarities there are of cause also many differencies in tradition and experience, and this report exposes examples of this variation from three of the Nordic Countries.

Environmental education is regarded as a cross curricular area with an emphasis on pupils working with environmental issues. In the Nordic Countries environmental education is now more or less tied to general school development. This gives the papers a wider perspective.

This publication originates from contributions at The Second Nordic Researcher Symposium on Environmental Education held at Karlslunde, Denmark, 8th - 11th November 1994.

                                              Søren Breiting & Kirsten Nielsen


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