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Environmental Regulation and Rationality

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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224 pages
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About the book

What does it take to change the behaviour of people and businesses with respect to the environment? In the 1990's a group of social scientists gathered to discuss this question from their individual perspectives in disciplines ranging from marketing to theology and jurisprudence to psychology.

Rather soon it became clear to them that they first needed to focus on basic assumptions about human motivation and rationality; otherwise it was impossible for say, the economist who regards individuals as calculating maximisers of utility, to understand the sociologist who presumes they are role-playing or norm-guided beings.

Prompted by these debates on first principles, this volume gathers together some of the participants' perspectives on rationality. Wherever possible, the authors link the discussion of rationality to matching conceptions of nature and human attitudes toward it.

Table of contents

Introduction, Environmental regulation and rationality: Erik Kloppenborg Madsen and Suzanne C. Beckman

Chapter 1, Rationality and Nature: Svend Andersen

Chapter 2, Rationality and the Reconciliation of the DSP with the NEP: William E. Kilbourne and Suzanne C. Beckmann

Chapter 3, Rationality, Institutions and Environmental Governance: Martin Enevoldsen

Chapter 4, The Ethical Rationale of the Concept of Sustainability, and Rationality Conflicts in Environmental Law: Ulli Zeitler and Ellen Margrethe Basse

Chapter 5, Rationality Deficits in Behavioural Intervention Strategies: Erik Kloppenborg Madsen and Folke Ölander

Chapter 6, Rationality, Environmental Law and Biodiversity: Helle Tegner Anker and Ellen Margrethe Basse

Chapter 7, When Choice of Means Undermines the Goals: Rationality from a Psychological Perspective: John Thøgersen and Tommy Gärling

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