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Ethnic Minority Children and Education in Denmark

A part of the series Københavnerstudier i tosprogethed (16) , and the subject areas and

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78 pages
ISBN 87 88295 76 1



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About the book

The main purpose of this dissertation is to examine the educational responses towards the increasing number of linguistic minority pupils within the Danish school population and to pinpoint the educational philosophy behind the Danish educational model(s). The author's aim is to describe the nature, extent and diversity of language provision for linguistic minority pupils in Folkeskolen both in terms of central government provision and of effort being made at grass roots level by largely autonomous local authorities (Kommunes).

In order to illustrate the diversity of educational provision, the author has made classroom observations at three different schools in Høje-Tåstrup, Køge and Copenhagen.

Apart from classroom observations, this paper is based on a wide range of different sources such as interviews with the consultants for "non-Danish speaking" pupils in Høje-Tåstrup and Køge, respectively, surveys, government publications, newspaper articles etc.

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