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Learning from the Other

Intercultural Metalogues

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394 pages
ISBN 978 87 87564 58 8

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About the book

Learning from the Other is the first comprehensive attempt at developing intercultural metalogues; i.e. dialogues talking about how best to talk about intercultural problems. The book fills a remarkably empty spot in Nordic literature and philosophy on intercultural dialogue.

In Part I: intercultural encounters, the metalogues stage encounters with "the other" on the Bosporus, on the Trans-sibirian and elsewhere, aksing: how may meetings meet, be approached, talked about and created? Part II: intercultural hermeneutics uncovers the difficulties of understanding in intercultural encounters - philosophical, spiritual, and religious. Part III: intercultural rationalities discusses the relation between ideology and reason across cultures. Part IV: intercultural learning explores problematic ways in which it has been attempted to teach rather than to learn from others. Part V: intercultural blind spots seek the borders of the intercultural.

To reflect the international and Nordic context in which the book was created, the metalogues appear in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English. 24 researchers and practicians have contributed to Learning from the Other.

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