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towards lifelong learning systems

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About the book

Education is one of the largest sectors in the global economy and it is expanding fast. Every year governments put billions into education - and into lifelong learning. Why is lifelong learning key? What is the economic imperative for adult learning in Europe? How do we construct lifelong learning systems? In this anthology, experienced researches such as Peter Jarvis, Kjell Rubenson and Andy Green provide answers to some of the most urgent questions about lifelong learning.

Milestones towards lifelong learning systems is relevant for all those interested in understanding the worldwide growth in post-compulsory education, and in coming to terms with the policy implications of this.

"In the 1990s, the issue of lifelong learning raised world-wide hope about a new era and possibilities for adult education. Unfortunately, success has not come easily. On the one hand governments and politicians in many countries seem reluctant or unable to find the money for a sustainable lifelong learning policy. On the other hand many adults are poorly motivated for participation in the kind of programmes that are offered. In this book, selected Danish and international educational researchers present a broad range of analyses and ideas which may help overcoming the present problematic situation."
Professor Knud Illeris, member of The Adult and Continuing Educational Hall of Fame. 


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