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The History of Thirteen Danish Nobel Prizes

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About the book

To commemorate the centennial of the Nobel Prize in 2001, and in light of recent, critical Nobel research, this volume provides an historical analysis of the work, the people and the stories behind the thirteen Nobel Prizes awarded to Danes so far. This represents the first time that the Nobel population of a single country has been treated in depth as a unit.

Table of contents

The Will of Alfred Nobel (excerpt)


Introduction, Henry Nielsen and Keld Nielsen
1. Alfred Nobel: The Man, his Will, and his Prizes, Henry Nielsen and Keld Nielsen

2. The Peace Prize - A Survey, Kurt Jacobsen
3. Fredrik Bajer (1908): "The Duty to Make Peace", Kurt Jacobsen

4. The Literature Prize - A Survey, Claus Jensen, Aage Jørgensen, Henry Nielsen, and Keld Nielsen
5. Karl Gjellerup and Henrik Pontoppidan (1917): An Odd Couple, Claus Jensen
6. Johannes V. Jensen (1944): "... a good enough poet and, nowadays, a good enough human being ..."

Physics and Chemistry:
7. The Physics and Chemistry Prizes - A Survey, Henry Nielsen and Keld Nielsen
8. Niels Bohr (1922): "I know How Little I Have Deserved This ...", Finn Aaserud
9. Aage Bohr and Ben Mottelson (1975): A Collective Prize for a Collective Model, Helge Kragh and Jesper Degn Nielsen
10. Jens Christian Skou (1997): Research on the Periphery, Thomas Vorup Jensen

Physiology or Medicine:
11. The Physiology or Medicine Prize - A Survey, Henry Nielsen and Keld Nielsen
12. Niels R. Finsen (1903): Banishing Darkness and Disease, Arne Hessenbruch and Flemming Petersen
13. August Krogh (1920): "Scientist Explains the Blushing of Girls", Anita Kildebæk Nielsen
14. Johannes Fibiger (1926): Backing the Wrong Horse?, Anita Kildebæk Nielsen and Eivind Thorling
15. Henrik Dam (1943): The Anonymous Laureate, Helge Kragh and Mads Kleis Møller
16. Niels Kaj Jerne (1984): "A Nobel Prize is no Guarantee Against the Anxiety of Being Forgotten", Thomas Söderqvist

17. Summary and Conclusions, Henry Nielsen and Keld Nielsen

Appendices and Indexes

About the Editors and Authors

Press reviews

Anders Lundgren, Ambix The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry

"The question asked in the beginning of this review: what binds the prize-winners together, and if so, what is Danish in it, is directly tackled by the editors in the last essay, and the answer is to the reviewer satisfying. There are no links between the prize-winners, certainly no links which can be attributed to them having a Danish citizenship. [...] for any historian of science with some interest outside his professional field [the articles on the literature prize-winners] also contains some good readings. Science is, as we know, not everything in this world." 

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