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401 pages On Respect (e-book)
ISBN 87 7684 003 4



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About the book

On Respect is a defense for the right to show resentment, indignation and anger. Lars-Henrik Schmidt criticizes the established 'equality' way of thinking which maintains that everyone has equally much to offer. According to Lars-Henrik Schmidt, respect does not make sense if one is not allowed to show disrespect.

By introducing the concept of 'deference', Lars-Henrik Schmidt shows how, fundamentally, respect is not about acknowledging the other, but about respecting the difference to the other.

This means, for example, that one must do away with the notion that the various partners in the educational relationship are equals. Respectable respect means that teachers can show disrespect towards students who do not respect the learning environment the teacher is promoting.

Like Lars-Henrik Schmidt's other writings, On respect is a social-analytical diagnosis of contemporary society. Among the themes covered are: the rise in decaying values; the lack of standpoints; the joyless society - and a suggestion as to ​​how to make respect respectable.

Please note that only the e-book is in English.

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