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Radical-Local Teaching and Learning

A Cultural-Historical Approach

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227 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 829 6



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About the book

Radical-Local Teaching and Learning presents a theoretical perspective for analyzing and planning educational programmes for schoolchildren.   The radical-local approach provides an integrated perspective for confronting the tension that arises between a universal goal to prepare all children for a satisfying and productive societal life and the historical fact that most contemporary societies have culturally and historically diverse populations.   To realize both general societal interests and worthwhile personal development, the content of educational programmes for children must be grounded in the local conditions within which the children live.   The first half of the book introduces the idea of radical-local teaching and learning and develops the theoretical background for this perspective, drawing on the cultural-historical research tradition, particularly from Vygotsky, El'konin, Davydov, and Aidarova. The second half of the book addresses the central concern of radical-local teaching and learning — how to relate educational practices to children's specific historical and cultural conditions by presenting an attempt to realize a radical-local teaching approach in a teaching experiment.

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