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Shamanism and Traditional Beliefs

A part of the series North Atlantic Studies (4) , and the subject area

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About the book

This volume of North Atlantic Studies is a theme issue of conference presentations on particular religious beliefs and practices in the North Atlantic area and in the American and Eurasian north.

The central theme is the relationship between human society and other realms or worlds. The papers deal with interaction through ritual, shamanic practices, dreams, imagery etc. with the worlds of spirits, game animals, the dead, and others removed in time or space from the human actors.

In the tradition of North Atlantic Studies scholars from different disciplines and research communities are brought together in the presentation of common themes in and around the North Atlantic areas.

In this volume the contributors are anthropologists, archaeologists, a student of folklore, a biologist and, presenting a different viewpoint, a shamanic therapist.

Table of contents

Torben A. Vestergaard: Introduction

Bernard Saladin d'Anglure: Erotic Dreams, Mystical Kinship and Shamanism

Patricia D. Sutherland: Bear Imagery in Palaeo-Eskimo Art

Jarich G. Oosten: Ritual Play at an Inuit Winter Feast

Ulla Odgaard: Palaeo-Eskimoic Shamanism

Birgitte Sonne: Sources of Greenlandic Shamanism: survey and ethnohistorical implications

Katherine Swancutt: Sources of Charisma: ritual, household knowledge and inspiration in Mongolia

Rane Willerslev: The Hunter as a Human "Kind": hunting and shamanism among the Upper Kolyma Yukaghirs of Siberia

Anne Brimnes: The Seal Woman Tradition in the Faroe Islands - past and present

Adriënne Heijnen: Dream Sharing in Contemporary Iceland: an anthropological study of tradition in modern society

Dorete Bloch: Faroese Pilot Whaling: conditions, practice and superstition

Annette Høst: Exploring Seidhr: a practical study of the seidhr ritual

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