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Voting and Political Attitudes in Denmark

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240 pages
ISBN 87 7288 542 4



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About the book

This is the first systematic, book-length presentation of Danish political attitudes and voting behaviour. Based on a study of the country's 1994 election and interviews with 2,000 voters, the volume also draws on the results of previous elections and surveys of Danish political attitudes and voting choices during the past ten to twenty years.

The authors describe the origin and history of the Danish party system, before analysing the issue of declining class voting and the rise of a new "middle class"; issues of generational change and concerns about immigration and the environment.

Table of contents


1. From the Seventies to the Nineties: Opinion Change and Partisan Change

2. Old and New Politics

3. Issue Position and Voting

4. Performance and Leadership

5. Changing Class Cleavages

6. Generational and Gender Variations

7. Beliefs about the Scope of Government

8. Welfare State Legitimacy and New Social Divisions

9. Attitudes towards Unemployment Policies

10. Danish Attitudes toward Europe

11. Issues and Political Trust

12. Causes of the 1994 Election: A Summary


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