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193 pages ill., published by Langelands Museum 2001
ISBN 87 88509 25 7

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About the book

The book takes a closer look at everyday life in the medieval castles. The purpose of the series is to exchange knowledge of restoration and the research on castles and fortifications in the Baltic Sea region.

Table of contents

Peter Carelli: Krapperup and its surroundings

Tomás Durdík: Erforschung und Vasallenhauses der Burg Krivoklát

Øystein Ekroll: Activities in The Archbishop's residences in Norway

Nils Engberg: The nobleman's estate in Denmark in the period 300-1500 AD

Vivian Etting: The royal castles of Denmark as centres of regional administration, tax collection and mobilization in the late Middle Ages

David Gaimster: Life and lifestyle in the Baltic Castle: Patterns in ceramic consumption c. 1200-1600

Martin Hansson: The minor "castles" of the gentry in Småland, Sweden

Christofer Hermann: Die "Hausordnung" der Burg Heilsberg um 1470

Leszek Kajzer & Piotr A. Nowakowski: Arms and Armour in the Castles of North-Eastern Poland

Ain Mäesalu: Weapons in Otepää castle in 1396

Mikhail Miltchik: Das Viborger Schloss: Bauetappen des Haupttores als Wiederspiegelung der funktionalen Evolution des Schlosses

Evalds Mugurevics & Roberts Spirgis: Archäologische Zeugnisse von den Brunnen in den Steinburgen Lettlands, Ende des 12. bis Anfang des 18. Jahrhunderts

Henning Nielsen: A private fortification in Gammel Forlev near Korsør, Denmark

Sæbjørg Walaker Nordeide: Steinvikholm Palace: An archiepiscopal residence

Ieva Ose: Heizanlagen in den mittelalterlichen Burgen Lettlands

Mikhail I. Petrov & Sergey V. Troianovsky: Man and The Fortress: Ways for Co-Existence in Medieval Russia

Kerstin Söderlund: New Light on Stockholm Castle

Kari Uotila: The growth of living areas in Finnish castles in the 14-15th centuries

Anna-Maria Vilkuna: The economic buildings at Häme Castle during the mid-sixteenth century

Gintautas Zabiela: The interior of the Lithuanian wooden castles

Jørgen Skaarup: Burgen, Kirchen, Museen und Wurfmaschinen - die Exkursionen der Burgforscher im Jahr 1999 in Dänemark

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