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Critical Environmental and Health Education

Research Issues and Challenges

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298 pages
ISBN 978 87 7701 857 2

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Searching for Meaning in Children's Participation in Environmental Education

Paul Hart


Exploring Student Participation within Health Education and Health Promoting Schools

Venka Simovska


Education for a Sustainable Consumption: Towards a Framework for Curriculum and Pedagogy

John Fien


Issues Arising from a Meta-Analysis of EU-funded Environmental Education Projects

William Scott, Bjarne Bruun Jensen & Mariana Pereira


Action Competence, Social Capital and the Health Promoting School

Derek Colquhoun


Action Competence as a Curriculum Perspective

Karsten Schnack


Process-based Environmental Education Seeking Standards without Standardizing

Arjen E.J. Wals & Bob Jickling


Sustainable Development, Environmental Education and Action Competence

Søren Breiting


A Comparison of Different Approaches to Health Education - some Reflections on the Role of Health Education in Relation to Inequity in Health

Jörgen Svedbom


Embodiment and Action Competence

Philip Payne


Conditions for Developing Democracy, Action Competence and Environmental Education in a Country under Transition Experiences from Hungary

Eva Csobod


Participation, Commitment and Knowledge as Components of Pupil's Action Competence

Bjarne Bruun Jensen


Participatory Evaluation in Health Education

Monica Carlsson


The Significance of Systems Thinking to Environmental Education, Health Education and Beyond

Stephen Sterling


University Students' Learning in Environmental Science in a Course Organised as PBL

Margareta Ekborg


Lifelong Learning: Towards a theory of Practice for Formal and Non-Formal Environmental Education and Training

Stephen Gough, Kim Walker, William Scott

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