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Hellenistic Rhodes

Politics, Culture, and Society

A part of the series Studies in Hellenistic Civilization (9) and the subject area

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About the book

One of the most beautiful of cities, founded more than 2,400 years ago, Rhodes had a profound influence on the Roman, and subsequent western, civilization. This book introduces the latest research by modern Europeans.

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Vincent Gabrielsen: Introduction

Ioannis Papachristodoulou: The Rhodian Demes within the Framework of the Function of the Rhodian State

E.E. Rice: Relations between Rhodes and the Rhodian Peraia

Peter Funke: Peraia: Einige Überlegungen zum Festlandbesitz griechischer Inselstaaten

Gary Reger: The Relations between Rhodes and Caria from 246 to 167 BC

Alain Bresson: Rhodes and Lycia in Hellenistic Times

Paula Perlman: Kretes aei Leistai? The Marginalization of Crete in Greek Thought and the Role of Piracy in the Outbreak of the First Cretan War

Nicholas K. Rauh: Rhodes, Rome, and the Eastern Mediterranean Wine Trade, 166-88 BC

John Lund: Rhodian Amphorae in Rhodes and Alexandria as Evidence of Trade

Melina Filimonos and Angeliki Giannikouri: Grave Offerings from Rhodes: Pottery and Jewellery

Pia Guldager Bilde: Dionysos among the Tombs: Aspects of Rhodian Tomb Culture in the Hellenistic Period

Benedicte Mygind: Intellectuals in Rhodes


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