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Notarius Publicus

Le Notaire au Moyen Âge latin

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200 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 924 1



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About the book

During the latest 100 years many legal historians have contributed to an elucidation of 'legal reception', i.e., receipt and adoption of foreign law, in order to supplement or replace local law. The principal problem has been to clarify the reason why Roman law and Canon law have been able to lay the groundwork for a real common European law.

Notarius publicus makes a contribution to this explanation by pointing out and elucidating the function of the notaries, which was to elaborate and certify documents with the purpose of giving them evidential weight in matters taken into temporal and ecclesiastical courts in the Middle Ages and later on.

Ars notariae, the notarial art has not previously been treated in a complete and comparative exposition, of which Danish conditions have been a constituent part. It becomes apparent that the role of the notaries according to the Danish letter material conforms exactly to the European pattern. Text in French.

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