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Social Change and Adult Education Research

- in Nordic Countries 1992/93

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256 pages
ISBN 82 7262 092 8

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More about the book

About the book

The present yearbook is the third in the series Social Changes and Adult Education Research. The primary aim of the yearbooks in this series is to present the most recent and on-going research on adult education to an international audience. This year's book reflects the major trends in research over the the last two years.

The primary source for the first two volumes in the series was papers presented at the annual Nordic Researchers' Conferences in General and Adult Education which are held at the Nordic Folk Academy, Gøteborg, Sweden. However, this yearbook does not share a similar association with this researchers' conference. The majority of the articles here have been written by researchers who did not present papers at the most recent conference which was held in June 1993.

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