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Action and Action Competence

as Keys Concepts in Critical Pedagogy

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214 pages
ISBN 87 7701 415 4

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About the book

22 researchers from various contries met at a workshop on "Action and Action Competence as Key Concepts in Critical Pedagogy", 2-4. Februrary 1994 in Copenhagen.

The idea or the philosophy behind the workshop was that the overall aim for teaching is to develop pupils' ability to take action. Consequently, the aim of the workshop was to explore and develop the concepts of Action and Action Competence in environmental and health education as well as in more general pedagogical contexts.

The articles in this book represents one of the outcomes from the workshop.

Cecilie Harrits

DSC 0345

MA in literature and art history and a trained teacher with main subjects in Danish and special education. Cecilie’s responsibilities are pedagogy, education and psychology as well as literature and art history. She leads the series Pædagogisk rækkevidde and manages several collaborations between the publishing house and art and culture institutions. Cecilie is committed to sustainable book production and green transition in the publishing industry.

Cecilie Harrits


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