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Generation P?

Youth. Gender and Pornography

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About the book

New book provides insight into the young generations relations and experiences with pornography. Generation P? is based on a unique and comprehensive study giving voice to the words and opinions of the young people themselves.
Never before have pornography and sexualized material been so readily available and pervasive in young people's everyday life.

TV programmes, advertising, and the music industry exploit and play with pornographic codes and scenarios. The sex industry launches and promotes its products via youth channels and websites.

How do young people navigate through this pornographic landscape? Does the omnipresence of pornography breed curiosity or resistance? How does pornography challenge the role of parents and teachers?

Generation P? provides answers to these questions and presents a unique body of new research on youth, gender and pornography. The study shows that the vast majority of young people in the Nordic countries have seen porn. But young people do not swallow the pornographic messages without resistance, and some are very critical of or actively opposed to them.

It is very seldom that the voices of young people are heard in the public debate on pornography. In Generation P? focus is set on the voices, definitions and experiences with pornography of young people themselves.

The book contains contributions from leading researchers from different academic fields: sociology, psychology, media research, social work and public helth.

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