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Towards New Identities?

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About the book

Novelist Sean O'Faolain, playwright Brian Friel, and poet Seamus Heaney have been highly critical of the Irish revolutionary generation for its oversimplification of the interstice between past and present. These post-war writers complain that the nationalists see Irish history as a great romantic narrative with a tragic beginning and possibly a happy ending.

The present collection of essays centres on the implications of an intricate conception of Irish history and identity. It emphasizes both the historical considerations and the literary representations of Irish identities.

Table of contents

Michael Böss, Introduction: Towards New Identities?

Part I: Irish Identity: Historical Considerations
Tom Garvin, The Slow Triumph of Politics: Irish Endgame
Colm Tóibín, New Ways to Kill Your Father: Historical Revisionism
Ruth Sherry, The Uses of the National Anthem
Marie Arndt, Sean O'Faolain as Biographer and Commentator
Darlene Erickson, With Skill, Endurance and Generosity of Heart: Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes
Lissi Daber, Nationalism and Unionism in Northern Ireland in the 1990s
Text of the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement of April 10, 1998

Part II: Irish Identity: Literary Representations
Edna Longley, Northern Ireland: Poetry and Peace
Britta Olinder, Creating an Identity: John Hewitt and History
Michael Böss, Roots in the Bog: The Notion of Identity in the Poetry and Essays of Seamus Heaney
William Pratt, European Past, Irish Present: Joyce's Modern Hells
Karl-Heinz Westarp, Aspects of Time and Identity in Samuel Beckett
Fintan O'Toole, Irish Theatre: The State of the Art

Notes on the Contributors


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