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Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens III

A part of the series Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens , and the subject areas and

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About the book

This is the third volume of a periodical that is published every two years on the archaeological activities of the Danish Institute at Athens, and contains articles by scholars in the fields of Greek archaeology, history, philology and literature.

This volume reports on prehistoric Tummuli at Portes in Achaea, early Minoan Clay Strips and a sealing at Psathi, an early Etruscan Bronze Throne in Olympia, the Utopia of Xenophon, Cultic theatres and ritual drama in Ancient Greece, Greek theatre building in late classical and Hellenistic times, the gardens and marginal lands of classical Attica, the foundation of Nea Paphos, all in English, and, in French, La collone du Dôdékathéon à Délos (Reconstruction of the columns of the Temple of Twelve Gods on the island of Delos).

The section on Greek-Danish Excavations in Aetolian Chalkis 1997-98 contains articles on the excavations on the hill of Haghia Triadha, geological investigations of the area, coins and roof tiles found there and the registration process of finds.

Other articles discuss the final Neolithic pottery from the excavation at Pangali on the eastern slope of Mt. Varassova, in 1996 and the recent rescue excavation of the cemetary of Ancient Chalkis.

Table of contents

Preface, Signe Isager and Inge Nielsen

Prehistoric Tumuli at Portes in Achaea - First Preliminary Report, Ioannis Moschos

The "Mystery" of Psathi - Some Early Minoan Clay Strips and a Sealing, Dimitra Mytilineou and Erik Hallager

A Fragment of an Early Etruscan Bronze Throne in Olympia?, Ingrid Strøm

The Utopia of Xenophon, Bodil Due

Cultic Theatres and Ritual Drama in Ancient Greece, Inge Nielsen

Typology of the Greek Theatre Building in Late Classical and Hellenistic Times, Rune Frederiksen

On the Gardens and Marginal Lands of Classical Attica, Jens Krasilnikoff

The Foundation of Nea Paphos, Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen

La colonne du Dôdékathéon à Délos, Jari Pakkanen

Greek-Danish Excavations in Aetolian Chalkis 1997-1998 - Second Preliminary Report, Edited by Søren Dietz, Lazaros Kolonas Sanne Houby-Nielsen and Ioannis Moschos

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