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Time, Creation and World-Order

A part of the series Acta Jutlandica (74:1; Humanities Series, 72) , and the subject areas and

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273 pages
ISBN 87 7288 804 0

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More about the book

About the book

This collection of papers is highly unusual in presenting views on both objective science and religious belief systems, and provides a thorough grounding in both disciplines and how they relate to one another.

Table of contents

Nicolas of Cusa (1401-64), Dialogus de Deo Abscondito

David Park, What Is Time?

André Mercier, God, World and Time

Lawrence Fagg, Ideas of Time and Cosmic Origin

Ludwik Kostro, Relativistic Space-Time Interpreted as a New Ether

Alexei V. Nesteruk, Temporal Irreversibility

Thomas E. Phipps jr, Time Irreversibility

John Randolph Lucas, A Note on Time and Tense

William Lane Craig, The Presentness of Experience

Niels Viggo Hansen, Modern Physics and the Passage of Time

Per F.V. Hasle, The Problem of Predestination

Peter Øhrstrøm, The Contingency of the Future

Lars Bo Gundersen, Future Space Battles and Branching Time

Anindita Niyogi Balslev, Time and 'Anadi Samsara'

Christian Link, God and Time

Thomas F. Torrance, Creation, Contingent World-Order and Time

Mogens Wegener, Towards a New Metaphysics of Time and Creation

Dale Tuggy, A Short Text of Lavenham
Arthur Norman Prior, Some Freethinking about Time


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